Reach Out to Affected Communities
    •    Support communities by responding to expressed needs as you are able.
    •    Listen to, invite direction from, and remain accountable to those directly impacted. Remember that being a good ally often means stepping back.
    •    Take care to quickly address symptoms of trauma and provide resources

Commit to a Community-Building Approach
    •    Be aware of your own “social location” regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, class, citizenship status, and other identities.
    •    Build multicultural coalitions by listening to and partnering with groups that have worked hard to guarantee and protect their rights
    •    Share leadership. Honor religious and cultural differences and practice interfaith etiquette by “taking turns” to provide worship elements during joint events.

Learning to Build Long-Lasting Partnerships
    •    Build on existing connections with members of your congregation and your community to identify allies.
    •    Be creative in planning a variety of actions including fun, family-friendly gatherings. Consider the comfort and safety of individuals and communities currently facing exclusion, oppression, and/or violence.
    •    Hold “one-to-one” conversations with community members and partners.

Reflect, Act, and Celebrate
    •    Reflect on the implications of potential campaigns in your community before acting, but resist being paralyzed by reflection.
    •    After action, assess lessons learned and relationships built.
    •    Celebrate achievements with worship services and public events.
    •    Celebrate Courageous Love by presenting a Courageous Love Award to a member of your community.  Download the Courageous Love Certificate here.

Organize for the Long Haul
    •    Ground your efforts in solid spiritual practice and theological reflection.
    •    Remain accountable to and respectful of community partners and follow through on all promised actions.
    •    Prioritize leadership development by involving and supporting new leaders.