Together on the Side of Love
immigration reform, to celebrating our fifth anniversary at the UUA General Assembly, it’s been a busy year for love! In July dozens of UU clergy got arrested for immigration reform in front of the White
Fortification Episode 7: Alfredo Gutierrez
legislature and is an outspoken advocate for immigration reform and public schools. His first book, To
Some Wonderful News: The Cardenas Family in CO
proceedings. Until a humane, comprehensive immigration reform bill is passed we can’t stop. Prosecutorial
Gratitude: More families Together
stop deportations isn’t giving up hope on immigration reform or legislation in Congress. It empowers a Good First Step, But We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform Several friends and acquaintances
Building Community through Detention Visitation Programs
the quota and to move compassionate immigration reform measures forward. Check out the Standing on
We are all Minnesota: the lead up to marriage equality
spiritually invigorating about beginning our action for modern day immigration reform by being
Reflections from the Border
immigration reform that is actually humane really depends on that. We have so many pieces of immigration
Immigrant Justice
hold a vigil or visibility event and raise your voices publicly for compassionate immigration reform. Although
Standing on the Side of Love Talking Points
individuals living in this country, and for the passage of humane, comprehensive immigration reform that
call for immigration reform now in front of the U.S. Capitol.
call for immigration reform now in front of the U.S. Capitol.
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