Thirty Days of Love 2018 is being observed Monday, January 15, 2018 through Wednesday, February 14, 2018, culminating on the 9th Annual National Standing on the Side of Love Day! Thirty Days of Love 2018 is an opportunity to lift up the ways Unitarian Universalists and many of our partner organizations are building and organizing by taking bold, courageous action for intersectional racial justice.

Below find a number of resources for yourself, your congregation or your community and small group ministry.  Are you and your congregation involved with Thirty Days of Love? We would love to hear about it at

Each week we are sharing resources, tools and a reflection to support your work around building ecosystems, generative creation, endurance and commitment. We'll update on the Tuesday of each with with more information Check them out below.

Week One: Growing the Ecosystem

We are thinking about the vision we hold for our world. What is the ecosystem, forest, garden, wild space that we are trying to grow? Who is the crew with you on this journey? We honor our ancestor Lewis McGee, share Tiny Shiny Hope by Katie Blanchard, offer an invitation to try a practice and recommend you check out the Healing Justice podcast. Read our message on Growing the Ecosystem here.

Week Two: Good soil, good seeds: Generative Creation

How do we make sure that we start this work well? What are the ways you prepare the soil to ensure your seeds will grow? We honor our ancestor Florence Luscomb, share We Need You by Katie Blanchard and recommend you check out our most recent episode of Fortification, featuring adrienne maree brown along with some reflection questions. Read our message on Generative Creation here.

Week Three: Enduring the drought times

How do we keep going? How do we persevere, carry the water we need and endure the lean times? We honor our ancestor Whitney Young, share Rest and Replenish by Katie Blanchard and recommend you check out the podcast How To Survive the End of the World, nourishment specifically for the worst parts of the season. We’re thinking particularly about the episode A Breathing Chorus with Alexis Pauline Gumbs. Read our message on Enduring the drought times here.

Week Four: Composting and watering

Where am I empty and what do I need to fill my communities' collective cup? How do I make sure we have what we most need?  We honor our ancestor Fannie Barrier Williams; share oh gentleness by Katie Blanchard; and recommend you check out the podcast Reflection on Belonging on Healing Justice Podcast with Prentis Hemphill: healer, somatics practitioner, organizer and former Healing Justice Director of Black Lives Matter. We encourage you to read more about the legacy and offering of Healing Justice from them here. Read our message on Composting and Watering: Spiritual Sustenance here.

Week Five: Lessons for the next season

What are we learning from what we are practicing? How do we ask for the feedback we need? How do we share it? How can we practice our values now, among so much that is unideal? We honor our ancestor Donald Thompson and share You Deserve to Heal and Grow by Katie Blanchard and recommend you check out the Tonic Podcast - Healing Advice for What Ails You. Read our message on Lessons for the next season: Praxis here.