Transgender Identity & Inclusion Webinar and Resources

This interactive, informative webinar offers a crash course in transgender identity and provides practical and concrete ways to increase one’s mindfulness and support of people of all identities and ways of expressing gender. Prepare to leave behind everything you thought you knew about gender!

Viewers will gain a greater understanding of terminology, the experiences of transgender people, the ways in which all of us are impacted by gender norms and expectations, and how we can collectively increase our welcome and inclusion as liberal religious people.

This webinar is accessible and beneficial for all–those who have had zero exposure to trans identity and those who have knowledge and experience with trans identity.

Presenter: Alex Kapitan is a transgender and queer-identified lifelong Unitarian Universalist with proud Midwestern roots. As the Unitarian Universalist Association’s LGBTQ and Multicultural Programs Administrator, Alex supports the Welcoming Congregation Program and other resources that assist Unitarian Universalist congregations and leaders in increasing their welcome and inclusion of all people.

Click here to view the video recording of the webinar.

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For a glossary of key terms used in this webinar, click here.


  • The presentation begins about five minutes into the recording.
  • Some viewers have reported problems with the audio in Chrome and Firefox–we recommend trying Internet Explorer if you experience problems.
  • The recording asks you to log in, but you just need to have something typed in the boxes. If you prefer, you can write in a fake email, as it’s formatted like an email address (i.e.

Congregational Teams

You can view this presentation as a congregational group! We recommend having copies of the UUA’s transgender resource page as a handout (also available as a PDF). Other good handouts include “Transformations: Transgender 101—the Dos and Don’ts” and “Action Tips for Allies of Trans People.”

We also highly recommend having a discussion together as a group after viewing the webinar. Some possible discussion questions include:

1. How does the gender binary impact everyone’s lives? How are all people negatively affected by pressure to fit into one box or the other—physically, emotionally, expressively, and behaviorally?
2. What is one thing that came up during the webinar that you are curious about and want to learn more about?
3. How could our congregation increase our welcome and inclusion of transgender people? Check out some sample ideas here.

If your group is interested in a follow-up workshop, our best recommendation is an adaptation of transaction: A Transgender Curriculum for Churches and Religious Institutions, a curriculum from the Institute for Welcoming Resources. Sessions 1 and 3 are most appropriate for UU purposes.

Additional Resources