Ferguson and Beyond

People of faith are called to hold Ferguson, MO, in our hearts and minds as events continue to unfold following the death of Michael Brown last Saturday. Ferguson is not an isolated incident but part of a much larger legacy of violence and criminalization of Black people in the United States. We say the names of those we know but recognize many other people go unnamed.

Unitarian Universalists are taking action in Ferguson and around the country to advocate for justice and love. All of us are needed. During time of trauma and frustration, let us continue to explore ways to learn more, grow, heal, and take collective action. Use the resources below to take your own next steps and encourage others in your life to join you.

In Memoriam

The Stolen Lives Project

Images from National Moment of Silence Vigils #NMOS14 on Colorlines 

Black and Pink Boston in Solidarity with Michael Brown and the People of Ferguson

Meditation & Reflection

Please Don’t Shoot, Rev. Adriene Thorne, Middle Collegiate College

Up to Our Necks, Rev. Meg Riley, Huffington Post

On Michael Brown, Dr. Alveda King, KDSK

PICO Network, Faith-based reflection and organizing

Praying with our feet, Faith-based responses in Ferguson

Learn More 

Things to Stop Being Distracted by When a Black Person Gets Murdered by Police, Mia McKenzie, Black Girl Dangerous

Ferguson and Resistance Against the Black Holocaust, Chris Crass, Truth Out 

Operation Ghetto Storm on the Extrajudicial Killing of 313 Black peopleMalcolm X Grassroots Movement

Our Homes are Not Battlefields: Reversing the Militarization and Federalization of Local Police in Massachusetts, Sunlight on Surveillance

Why don’t we hear about women victims of state violence? Verónica Bayetti Flores,Feministing

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, #DONTSHOOT – Bearing Witness and Breaking the Silence

What’s Gender Got to Do with Police Brutality, Rights Working Group

Accountability & Justice

Black and Blue Activity Guide

Black Cops Against Police Brutality

Cop Watch and Holding Police Accountable, CopWatch NYC

Know Your Rights for LGBTQ Youth of Color, Streetwise and Safe

National Police Accountability Project, a Project of the National Lawyers Guild

National Day Against Police Brutality, The October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

Stop Law Enforcement Violence, INCITE!

Take Action

Check out Ferguson Solidarity: Ways to Support the Fight, a curated list from organizers in Ferguson including specific needs as well as ways to get involved at home

Ten Things White People Can Do About Ferguson Besides Tweet, Kate Harding, Dame Magazine

Ask President Obama to Enact New Federal Laws to Protect Citizens from Police Violence & Misconduct via this petition

Support organizations in Ferguson and St. Louis doing work in solidarity including the Ferguson Bail Fund and  the Organization for Black Struggle

Support national organizations taking action to stop violence against Trans Women of Color including Trans Justice Funding Project  and Trans Women of Color Collective 

Join others at solidarity actions being organized throughout the country. Click here to see a list of upcoming events.

The Spirithouse Project: Organizing Caravans for Racial Justice

Many thanks to Elizabeth Capone-Henriquez, Chris Crass, Audra Friend, Rev. Jason Lydon, Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, Betty-Jeanne Reuters-Ward and Megan Selby for their resource recommendations.