Helena began attending Unitarian Society Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, in September 2014. She has been a member since October 2015, and has served as Worship Associate since September 2016. Being Worship Associate is a passionate ministry for her! She and her husband, Allen, live in Philadelphia, PA. They have three adult daughters, Bethany, Alyson, and Carole, and one son-in-law, Tom LaPorta. Alyson and Helena own an online herbal tea business, risingdawnteas.com. Helena is also a writer, photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator. She has an MFA in Media Design. Helena enjoys nature walking and observing plants and animals, and enjoys reading, crocheting, gardening, baking bread, and other pursuits.


Robin, red-breasted, quickly hopping in snow,

Amidst icy crystals, jerking tiny head quickly,

Staring upwards, gazing at me this Spring day,

First day of Spring…cold.


Robin bends his head quickly downwards, eats a

tender worm for its dinner; Spirit provides.

Breathtaking and beaut’ful is the snow, wint’ry.

From the sky, snow gusts.


Standing quietly, our small space is shared...LOVE!

Unity, tranquility, peace, you give me.

A feeling of AWE, wraps, hugs me, forever!

A message to ME!


Robin tells me to have strength; new beginnings

will arrive. Divine work, I am! Power!

Dreams realized; forge ahead. The Spirit speaks!

Words from the Spirit.



© 2017 by Helena Showell