Reflect and take prayerful action using Rise Up O Flame: A Ferguson Worship Toolkit for UUs curated by The Unitarian Universalist Ferguson Response Team

A Prayer for Ferguson by Rev. Christian SchmidtFirst Parish Malden, Massachusetts

Spirit of Life and Love,
Be with us in this time, as people suffer, as parents grieve, as violence rages.
Be with us who feel the pain of loss, who feel anger at injustice.
Stand with the oppressed and change the heart of the oppressor, knowing that both are joined in their humanity, no matter how often we forget it.
Remind us of the hope we had, we have, and will have, of joy in the midst of sadness, of success in the midst of challenge, of good things in the midst of bad.
Help us to be better people, to work for better things, and to create a better world.

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