Taking Action against Anti-Muslim Bigotry Webinar and Resources

Click here to view the video recording of the webinar. Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

In our society, anti-Muslim bigotry is often used for political gain and can pave the way to compromised civil liberties. Anti-Muslim rhetoric has a negative impact on our communities and affects us all. Learn how to counter anti-Muslim bigotry in your own community in our “Taking Action Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry” webinar.

This webinar, presented by Christina Warner, Former Director of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign, answered the questions “what is anti-Muslim bigotry?” and “how can we counter it?”

Discrimination should never be permitted for any reason. It may take time, but we can overcome anti-Muslim bigotry in our communities. This webinar will help you learn how to effectively tell stories, recognize related policy concerns, and make a difference one action at a time.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder is an interfaith organization dedicated to ending anti-Muslim sentiment by strengthening the voice of freedom and peace. Founded in November 2010 by over 20 national religious groups, Shoulder-to-Shoulder works not only on a national level, but offers strategies and support to local and regional efforts to address anti-Muslim sentiment and seeks to spread the word abroad.


  • Facilitating dialogue and overcoming a lack of personal knowledge:
  • My Fellow American: providing a space for non-Muslim Americans to talk about the impact that their American Muslim friends/colleagues/family members have had on them.
  • RavelUnravel: online multimedia project for individuals to address common misperceptions they encounter about their own faith.
  • 20,000 Dialogues: rich resources for facilitated dialogue and movie discussions based on Unity Productions Foundations films.
  • Children of Abraham: a Jewish-Muslim dialogue guide.
  • Weekend of Twinning: an annual weekend of paired synagogues and mosques to discuss issues of importance. Organized by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.
  • Islamic Networks Group: a network of American Muslims trained and prepared to represent Islam to non-Muslims in multiple settings. The Network includes multiple local Islamic Speakers Bureaus, for requests for Muslim speakers.

Providing an alternative narrative to hateful rhetoric in public spaces:

Responding to anti-Shari’ah legislation:

Addressing mosque opposition:

Advocating for an Office of Inspector General for the New York Police Department:

Additional resources: