To display the sign, Black Lives Matter, is an act of cultural resistance, of public witness. This action is a symbol of something larger, and a spiritual practice as well—focus, attention, and steadiness. The aim and desire is to keep the spotlight on the complex set of issues affecting Black people in this country, dating from slavery through to 2015. Not since the Civil Rights Era has there been such a sustained commitment to make broad change. Black Lives Matter is a statement about that renewed commitment, a vow to keep looking, watching, and struggling.” -- Rev. Louise Green, Minister for Congregational Life, River Road UU Church, Bethesda MD 

Several UU congregations have reported vandalism of their Black Lives Matter banners, often by the removal of the word “Black” from the banner.

What to do if your Black Lives Matter Banner is vandalized

  1. Alert your congregational leaders, UUA regional staff, and the UUA at
  2. Notify your local police.
  3. Communicate to the whole congregation.
  4. Identify a spokesperson and contact your local media.
  5. Order a new banner and plan a rededication ceremony that will include all of the congregation, youth, children, and friends.
  6. Invite community partners, other faith leaders, local elected officials, and the media.
  7. Hold a worship service about Black Lives Matter.
  8. Host a congregational in-gathering to process feelings about the vandalism and the racism it reflects, with mindfulness of the differing impacts on People of Color and white UUs [see resources for caucusing below].
  9. Share your story with Standing on the Side of Love at
  10. Continue your faithful work in support of and within the Black Lives Matter movement.