Transgender Identity & Inclusion

In 2012, Side with Love offered a webinar on transgender identity and inclusion, led by Alex Kapitan. The recording of the webinar was used by dozens of congregations to further their understanding of trans identity and broaden their welcome and inclusion of trans communities. 

In an effort to make the most current and transformational resources available, Side with Love now recommends a more up-to-date and comprehensive resource: Transgender Inclusion in Congregations. This in-depth, six-session online course goes far beyond a “trans 101”; instead, it is designed to support congregations in the work of transforming their congregational culture to be one where trans people aren’t just welcome, they are affirmed, their spiritual needs are met, and their gifts are valued. 

This course is designed to be accessible to all—both those who are new to conversations about gender diversity and those who have lived experience of trans identity. The lectures are pre-recorded, so the course can be taken at any time, by individuals, congregational teams, or even whole congregations.

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Instructors: Transgender Inclusion in Congregations is offered through the Transforming Hearts Collective by Alex Kapitan and Rev. Mykal Slack, two trans faith leaders who help congregations and other faith groups develop anti-oppressive frameworks for church life, fully affirm and celebrate people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and foster community life practices that embody radical welcome and connection.