Standing on the Side of Love Webinars


FUNDING your social justice work with faithify

February 2015: This webinar features a conversation with the staff of Unitarian Universalism’s new crowdfunding website- FAITHIFY. Hosted by FAITHIFY founders Sue and Hilary, the webinar talks about the power of the crowd to fund and “faithify” your ministries. Find out ways to inspire action from your folks to make change today!

View the webinar here.

UPgrade your Organizing with groundswell

January 2015: Want to figure out how to increase your impact of social justice work? We collaborated with Groundswell to share tips and best practices to strengthen your online organizing. Groundswell's trainers- Isaac and Michelle- shared their theory and practice for using digital tools for social change.

View the webinar here.

Taking Action Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry

February 2013: In our society, anti-Muslim bigotry is often used for political gain and can pave the way to compromised civil liberties. Anti-Muslim rhetoric has a negative impact on our communities and affects us all. Learn how to counter anti-Muslim bigotry in your own community in our “Taking Action Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry” webinar.

View the webinar and download resources.

Transgender Identity & Inclusion

October 2012: This interactive, informative webinar offered a crash course in transgender identity and provided practical and concrete ways to increase one’s mindfulness and support of people of all identities and ways of expressing gender. The presentation covered terminology, the experiences of transgender people, the ways in which all of us are impacted by gender norms, and how we can collectively increase our welcome and inclusion of transgender people.

View the webinar and download resources.

Breaking the Isolation of Immigration: Starting a Visitation Program

July 2012: More than 34,000 people are detained in the U.S. daily, and nearly 400,000 passed through the system every year, without regard to whether they are recently-arrived, asylum-seekers, or long-time residents. This webinar taught participants how to start a visitation program and included information from other successful programs that have resulted in hundreds of visits to detained immigrant and asylum-seeking women in the past year.

View the webinar here, click here for the powerpoint presentation & check out more resources here.