Our new SSL Brand Package is now available!!

The time has come! We are so excited to share that we have a snazzy, wonderful new Standing on the Side of Love(SSL) Brand Package ready to share with you, including an informative style guide. We developed this in response to queries from so many of you to have logo files that you can use to create your own customizable love in action materials! As part of this new SSL Brand Package we are offering, we also will begin the process of implementing our legal trademark for Standing on the Side of Love. You can read more about it here or below.  Many of you sent wonderful feedback to us regarding the license fee, including honest responses from supporters who didn’t understand why we were asking for any fees associated with an open source campaign.

That is a great question, and please note there was much careful consideration while we developed this process! The short answer is this: If we want to maintain our integrity as the Standing on the Side of Love campaign, we realized we have to take some steps to protect our public identity for the future. What does that mean for you, dedicated Love Supporter? A nominal $50 fee for non-commercial uses of the brand materials (like creating a congregational banner with the SSL heart) and a $100 commercial license fee for all you wonderful artists and designers out there who have created and are selling materials (like stoles and cups) with SSL imagery. It is worth noting that in the whole six years that the Standing on the Side of Love campaign has existed, we have never once asked for or charged for any resources, and funding for the campaign has solely come from donations. These small license fees will first be used to pay for the development of our professionally re-designed brand materials, and most importantly, it will help to continue to fund our justice work.

We hope this sheds some light on our new SSL License Process, which will take effect beginning today! If you still have more burning questions, check out our FAQ page for more info.

And if you want to dive right in and begin creating new customizable SSL materials, head over to the SSL store page! There you can view the SSL license language, and purchase the new brand package.