We are called again


I am not sure of most things these days. But I do know that white supremacy lives everywhere – and so does love and resistance.  Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.

You may have heard that there are white supremacists gathering on the Boston Common on Saturday August 19th. And in so many cities and college campuses. Maybe yours. There is no neutrality. Now is when we show up. To confront hate - in the form of white supremacists gatherings and the white supremacy that is in our laws, our school systems, our families, our congregations, our land. Find your frontlines. Below is a request from one our frontlines - Boston, where our UU congregations and clergy and UUA staff will be showing up as best we know how.

Show up:

  • Join Monica Cannon, Violence in Boston, Angie Camacho and Black Lives Matter Global Network to Fight Supremacy! Boston Counter-Protest and Resistance Rally. Gather at 10am at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center, 1350 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. Be sure to check the event page for opportunities to make signs.
  • Use August 20th to talk and pray about how white supremacy lives in your congregation, your community and institutions in your city/town/state.

  • Whether or not you can show up in body, showing up with resources is key. Give over your collection, give personally. Organizers have asked that you contribute to and ask others to donate directly to local Black and queer organizers and Black, Indigenous, People of Color victims of white supremacy in your area and in your congregations. BLM Network/BLM Cambridge have also set up a Fund - support it and share it widely! You can directly support the healing and medical care needed for folks attacked last weekend.  Support Alexis and Nicole and Dre directly here. This is Black August so we have an opportunity to practice abolition by supporting bailing out Black families and community members today. Contribute to Southerners on New Grounds Black August Bail Out Actions.

  • Fight Supremacy Organizing Committee, Karlene Griffiths Sekou, Black Lives Matter, Boston and Rev. Dr. Pamela R. Lightsey Clergy, United Methodist Church, are calling all clergy who are planning to attend the march and would like to stand in solidarity with this effort to attend a pre-gathering on Friday, August 18th 6:00-8:00 at Union United Methodist Church at 485 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02118. If you are a clergy person and attending, please e-mail AND

Or don’t show up. As Black Lives of UU says “To Black UUs, organizers of any faith or no faith, and our UU of color siblings, we struggle with you….To you, we say be where you need to be. Feel what you need to feel, and do what you need to do. Text a friend and meet up. Message someone you met at GA on Facebook. Go to a solidarity vigil, or avoid one — but find community, somehow.”

If you are called to show up - here’s how:

  • Let us know you’re coming by filling out this form.

  • Ground in our faith. In our seventh principle of interdependence and deep connection means that none of us are safe and beloved until we are all safe and beloved. In our fourth principle of a free and responsible for truth meaning means that when someone’s search means that our friends, family, siblings of color are not safe and beloved, it is no longer responsible. And our responsibility is to confront and dismantle white supremacy with reparations and repair.

  • White folks are being asked to show up to:

    • Provide resources to the most marginalized
    • Serve as a buffer between white nationalists/police and people of color
    • Take up as little physical and rhetorical space as possible (Don’t speak over BIPOC or clamor to get to microphone or bullhorn, etc)
    • Speak up and uplift the voices of the most marginalized
    • Realize that whatever they’re doing, some will interpret it as “wrong” or insincere and they have to accept that and continue to work or move aside
    • Examine what to do AFTER these rallies and how to capitalize on the momentum and dismantle white supremacy that’s less “obvious.”

Non-violent Direct Action Training (NVDA) which includes a “Know Your Rights” legal component, or a comprehensive training that includes NVDA, “Know Your Rights, and MEDIC components trainings are strongly encouraged. For any information regarding the NVDA, Medic and Legal trainings – please e-mail AND Schedule below:

  • Thursday, August 17th, 5-10pm, Arlington Street Church, 351 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

  • Friday, August 18th, 10am – 8pm, Union United Methodist Church, 485 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

    • Schedule: 10:00-1:00 NVDA, 2:00-4:00 MEDIC, 5:00-7:00 Legal Advisory: Know Your Rights

  • Friday, August 18th, 5-10pm Hope Central Church, 85 Seaverns Avenue, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Again, NVDA Trainings are strongly encouraged. Questions? Check out the FAQ.

We all get to practice humility, flexibility, trust, not needing to know everything as the situations are dynamic. Things will change. We will adapt and learn and be stronger for whatever needs our love next.

With all love,


Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen