Fast with Arturo and Rosa

From June 16-18, 2015, community members will take part in a fast in Washington, D.C.; Denver; and cities across the U.S. to demand immigration policies that respect the human dignity of us all. It’s time to let the leaders of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) know that we want families to stay together! Please join the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, in partnership with the American Friends Service Committee, Church World Service, Standing on the Side of Love, and others in this nationwide fast, "Fast with Arturo and Rosa: Hold ICE Accountable." The fast will call attention for the need to stop deportations- with particular recognition for the people currently in Sanctuary- including Arturo Hernandez Garcia, who has been in sanctuary at the First Unitarian Society of Denver for over six months

Arturo says: “I do this for my daughters and their lives here. Deporting me, separating me from my family, a father, a husband, a small business owner who has lived in this country for 16 years does not make sense. Please join us in this fast to hold immigration officials accountable and demand they implement discretion policies that can keep my family together and so many others.”

Last year, 150 congregations chose to stand with families and faith communities in the Sanctuary 2014 movement. We helped keep 8 families together by stopping their deportations! Unfortunately, along with Arturo in Denver, Rosa Robles Loreto remains in Sanctuary in Tucson and is also still unable to rejoin her family. Though parents and community members like Rosa and Arturo are not a priority for deportation, local ICE offices are refusing to follow the new guidelines that would let Rosa and Arturo leave Sanctuary and safely return to their families.

Will you join with Arturo and Rosa in our fast?

Fasting is a spiritually-uplifting practice that crosses all borders of geography and identity to unite us in our common goal: To demand Immigration officials implement policies and laws that respect the human dignity of us all.

Allies and partners will be traveling from across the country to Washington, D.C., where we’ll set up a vigil in front of Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters for the three days—but we invite you to join the fast in solidarity in your own home and faith community.

With your help, we can send the strong message that faith communities stand in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters to stop unjust deportations!

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Even after the huge victory for our movement getting President Obama to announce deportation relief for up to 5 million undocumented parents and individuals, these Executive Actions have yet to be implemented, and deportations continue to separate families at an alarming rate. Please join us in lifting up the voices of impacted families to continue to work for an America where all our families are safe and their dignity is honored.

In faith,
The SSL Team and Partners