Showing Up to End Trans Detention

Today, organizations around the country are participating in the End Trans Detention National Day of Action. The Day is part of the #Not1More Deportation Week of Action. The targeted criminalization and violence trans people face is only exacerbated when they are detained. Transgender detainees make up 1 in 500 of the detention population but 1 in 5 of those who experience sexual abuse. 

On this day of action, we ask you to take a moment to support Christina Lopez, a 35 year-old trans woman in urgent need of medical care. She has been in immigration detention for over a year and a half and has Hepatitis C, but the Santa Ana City Detention Center refuses to get her medical attention. Add your name here to demand that ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) use prosecutorial discretion to immediately release Christina from detention. Christina’s story is an example of how ICE cannot guarantee the human rights, safety and dignity for immigrants in detention, in particular of a transgender immigrant with specific health care needs. 

For more information about actions taking place throughout the country all week click here. The week marks one year since President Obama promised deportation relief to almost half of the people who are undocumented currently living in the United States. From #Not1More: “The November 20th anniversary of the President’s announcement coincides with National Trans Day of Remembrance, an event honoring the transgender people killed this year, moving many groups to center the call on November 18th for the release of transgender detainees who face disproportionate abuse while in ICE custody.”

Last week, the US Fifth Circuit blocked the President’s Executive Order and the Administration will appeal to the US Supreme Court. Christina and other transgender detainees cannot wait for the courts. Add your name and share today.

With love & solidarity,

The Standing on the Side of Love team