Holiday Care Package

Greetings dear ones:

We hope this finds you taking care and surrounded by warmth and community. Whether it is with others or in solitude, sending you some treats in this electronic holiday care package as we reflect on the year that has passed and prepare for our work ahead.


Read this reflection from Dr. Takiyah Amin on the connections and opportunities that as a Unitarian Universalist Kwanzaa has provided to her and her multifaith family "a chance to reflect on our commitments to our most deeply held principles."

Review these Seven Questions to End 2017 with Clarity and Start 2018 with Intention from Courtney E. Martin.


Check out our latest episode of Fortification: Spiritual Sustenance for Movement Leadership. In this conversation, Caitlin spoke with Francisca Porchas, organizer and cultural worker about resisting criminalization, creating ritual and the what is required of leadership today. Read more about her work here and be sure to follow, subscribe and review Fortification here.


Review this resource on how to help a grieving friend during the holidays here, including an illustration, on some specific tips.

A holiday how to from adrienne maree brown that invites us in to showing up with friends, family and those we call dear rooted in our vision, integrity and love.



Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen and Nora Rasman

Senior Strategist and Campaign Manager, Standing on the Side of Love