All Are Called - To Risk Something

We just touched down in Kansas City, where we will gather with thousands of other Unitarian Universalists for this years’ General Assembly under the theme All Are Called. At the same time, the threats against those of us who are immigrants, People of Color, Trans and queer, poor continue to grow in violence and scope. As people of faith and justice, we answer to a higher law of love and justice than the failed laws of this land that are harming our communities. 

Earlier this week, national Latinx base-building movement organization, Mijente, issued an immediate call to action to #ShutdownSessions #AbolishICE and #FreeOurFuture. View it here, read the transcript of it below and answer the call directly at:

A lawless administration is separating families
White supremacy has been dividing us from our loved ones since the beginning of this country
Now we are watching as children are incarcerated in old Walmarts
Widening the circle by thousands of who will be punished for being a migrant, of color, poor
As Latinx Leaders who have been living and fighting on these borders for decades
Who are Pro-Black, Pro-Queer, Pro-Working class
Mijente is issuing the call for immediate direct action to:

    ⁃    Shut down Jeff Sessions
    ⁃    Abolish ICE
    ⁃    Resist a Fascist Future

Those fighting for Black Liberation are answering the call
Those leading work for LGBTQ liberation are answering the call
Electoral organizers are answering the call
Leaders of faith are answering the call

Will you answer the call?

As spiritual people we are visionary in our values. We refuse to play the game of who is worthy of humanity and who is not. We reject false solutions. We know that our demands cannot be limited to the immediate. Mijente’s call addresses the root causes of the crisis - targeting of Black and Latinx communities, the expansion of the criminalization of migration and immigrant communities, greed of private prisons and detention facilities and the dehumanization of human beings that this nation is founded on. 

As spiritual people we discern. We see it as our role to build and grow faith and spiritual communities support to flank, resource, join and take leadership from Latinx-led organizations making visionary demands and providing immediate solutions to reduce harm and state-sanctioned violence. Mijente is doing just that. 

As spiritual people we are more than the seductions of our society. We recognize that the current state requires us to collectively embody more courage, more relationships and more risk-taking. We are called to give direct action, money, comfort, days, weeks, and years to the work of love and justice. 

We understand the current realities of white supremacy as part of a long legacy of state violence that has separated families, sought to break ties and kinship networks and dehumanized Black and People of Color communities. And at every step, such efforts have been met with organized, strategic and sustained resistance. Today is no different. 
We answer the call. 

Sign up here to get more information and plug into the ongoing work. 



Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, Senior Strategist, Side with Love

Nora Rasman, Campaign Manager, Side with Love