Stay in It

The rhetoric right now is so polarizing. Politicians and media paint the movement for black lives as going “too far” and in need of “law and order”. But we know the truth: activists on the ground are tired, afraid, but they are not giving up. Some of them have lost loved ones or friends very recently. Some of them are being followed by vigilantes or receiving daily death threats. They are worried about if their families will survive the times they are in. 

But still, they are moving courageously. 

They are trying all different ideas to advance the work for liberation, the work they know it is their time to do. As people who root our justice work in spirit, we must look past the smokescreen that the media is trying to apply to our vision. 

Our work is to see with eyes of love, the kind of love that makes us move beyond easy assumptions and kneejerk fear. 

Through our faith that fortifies, we become a part of this movement work. We can give time, we can give activists support, offer movements sanctuary, and we can have courage to engage with those who disagree with us. 

We can do what we can.

This week we announce a way that the UU Women’s Federation and SSL are doing what they can. The 'Stay in It' Fund: a fund that will award 10 leaders in the Movement for Black Lives who are parents and/or caring for dependents with a little extra monetary support to help them 'stay in' movement. We have heard about the extra pressures that many women leaders are facing trying to do this work as well as caring for families. We hope this fund will be of use, and inspire other donors and funders to support leaders in movement for Black lives as they continue to persevere in their organizing. 

Please share this application form widely with your networks.

Help fortify the movement. Support those activists in our community who are stoking the engine of this movement moment. Help someone stay in it.