Fortification Episode 8: Gabriel Foster

The past week has been filled with sorrow and reflection coupled with incremental victories. In these times, we know there is a role for each of us to double down and share our gifts and talents in the service of movement and resistance. We hope our next episode of Fortification illuminates the ways we can support and flank movement in these times.

In our eighth episode of Fortification, Caitlin is joined by Gabriel Foster, co-founder and Executive Director of Trans Justice Funding Project. Gabriel Foster is a black, queer, trans, ‘momma’s boy’ living and loving in New York.  Prior to making his way to the Eastern Time Zone, he worked in Seattle, WA with the Northwest Network of bisexual, trans, lesbian & gay survivors of abuse helping to create their youth programming.

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With love and solidarity,

The Fortification Podcast Team

Abhimanyu Janamanchi, Caitlin Breedlove & Nora Rasman