Ferguson is Everywhere

On August 7th through 10th, UUs from throughout the United States joined local UUs, multi-faith, organizing and advocacy groups to commemorate the life of Mike Brown and to organize and take action for Black liberation. The weekend included spaces for mourning, healing and ritual, relationship building and organizing and direct action. Following a powerful weekend of remembrance, activists were again met with heavy policing and military tactics by police. Let this be an opportunity for us to re-commit to taking action today.

Whether or not you were in Ferguson earlier this month, join us to hear learnings and next steps on Monday, August 24th at 8pm ET/5pm PT. RSVP to join here.

A central message from local organizers throughout the weekend was this: Ferguson is Everywhere. Wherever you live--the personal and institutional manifestations of systems of oppression and white supremacy exist. Faithful organizing for love, justice and liberation is needed- today- wherever you live

As Rev. Julie Taylor, UU community minister and organizer in St. Louis, reminded congregants at Eliot Chapel on Sunday, August 9th: “We have to be willing to plant the seeds. It is never too late to be woke. Being woke will change our lives- and it may change others lives.

Whether you have been working for racial justice for months or decades, you know that this emerging movement has brought a compelling urgency and strategic acumen to organizing for justice and liberation.  In moments like these a process of rapid learning occurs about leadership, solidarity, strategy, and faith. 

Join us next Monday, August 24th at 8pm ET/5pm PT as we hear from folks who gathered in Ferguson and beyond about learnings, where we are at this particular moment and where we are going. 

We’ll hear from Leslie MacFayden- Activist and Founder with the Ferguson Response Network, Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen- UUA Leadership Development Associate for Youth & Young Adults of Color, Rev. Lisa Presley- Congregational Life Consultant, UUA MidAmerica Region, Bishop John Selders- Moral Mondays CT, and Rev. Julie Taylor- UU community minister and organizer in St. Louis. Guests will talk about what it means for Unitarian Universalists to be courageous and bold in support of the Movement for Black Lives. Please RSVP here to join us.