See You in Phoenix!

Six years ago, Unitarian Universalists showed up in force in Arizona to challenge the state's racial profiling law Now, we need you again.

UU's are no stranger to this fight.  You were among the first to respond when Puente and others launched the summer of human rights in 2010. Together we crafted a vision for a different kind of General Assembly and thousands of you showed up to hold vigil outside the tent city, the one refered to as a 'concentration camp,' during Justice GA in 2012.  And even as cameras moved to other headlines, UUs locally have steadfastly accompanied the movement that has brought Arizona to a tipping point.  

Now the majority of people in Maricopa County are seeing what we've known for years. They are no longer supporting the human or financial cost of human rights abuses in Maricopa County and are ready for a new day. The people that the elected officials have terrorized are now turning the tables and mobilizing in bigger numbers than ever. But they need our support.

There are many places to be to make an impact this Fall. But in Phoenix, we have the opportunity to turn a page, to make history, and to finish the work that UUs have been a part of for years.

For one weekend in October, we will knock thousands of doors, rally outside of the Sheriff's Department headquarters, and like the conga line we had outside 4th Avenue jail when we did support for the arrests in July of 2010, we'll dance and celebrate our resistance together.

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You hold a special place in the hearts and minds of those who struggle in Arizona. I, myself, have come back to AZ for three months to accompany the unprecedented work here. We invite you to come back again. 

Like old friends, and long-term movement partners, it will be good to see you here.

In solidarity,

B. Loewe, Mijente