Clergy: Our work is still urgently needed at the Border!

Last summer, the news was filled with stories about the thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the US border, fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. Inspired to make a difference, more than twenty ministers joined us in Tucson for our first Clergy Border Witness that fall.

The publicity has faded since last summer, but the reality remains unchanged — and desperate. Children and families are still being deported, regardless of the deepening peril they face in their home countries. Our border has become a militarized zone, and violence has increased as our government pressures Mexico to turn back migrants no matter what their ages or circumstances.

This continuing crisis cries out for a response from people of faith. Please join us this November 2-7, to bear witness to the continuing human rights abuses on the US Mexico Border. UUA President Peter Morales, UUMA Executive Director Don Southworth, and Director of the UU College of Social Justice Kathleen McTigue will lead this delegation

Together, we will walk a migrant trail with volunteers with No More Deaths, a ministry of the UU Church of Tucson. We will witness the militarization of the border itself, observe “Operation Streamline” hearings designed to criminalize immigrants, and travel into Mexico to visit with recent deportees and hear their stories. We will worship together, and will help each other discern how our ministries and our movement can respond to the need for immigration justice.

Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray, who participated in last year’s Clergy Border Witness trip, describes her experience: “The impact of this trip was enhanced by being together as Unitarian Universalists.  Our faith, our singing, our prayers became a sacred space to hold the heartbreak and the examples of resistance as one.  In this way, what we learned and experienced impacted not just our individual perspectives, but our public voice and commitment as faiths leaders, as UUs."

We invite all UU clergy and seminarians to join us. 

In faith,

Rev. Peter Morales

President, Unitarian Universalist Association

Rev. Kathleen McTigue

Director, UU College of Social Justice

Rev. Don Southworth

Executive Director, UU Ministers Association

UUCSJ offers other open enrollment delegations to the border. We are also happy to organize a delegation for your congregation.