We Need You in Phoenix Again

We need you again in Arizona. For many of you, this is not the first time we have called you to fight human rights abuses against immigrant and People of Color communities in Phoenix. But, it could be the last. As Unitarian Universalists, thousands of us have been part of that fight. Mijente, Puente, and the Not One More Deportation campaign (along with many other community groups) have launched a campaign to invigorate thousands of working class People of Color here in Maricopa County by fighting for the protection, dignity and rights of their communities. They are calling us to action. Calling us because they have had enough of elected officials who are treasured by the right-wing for the sole reason that they are racist. Who have put youth in chain gangs. Forced Brown people in my state to live in fear every time they walk out the door. Spoken with joy about a 'concentration camp' filled with their families. My faith has kept me in this fight alongside them for many years. My faith has called me to not quit, and not turn my back on this fight. So, I will not turn my back on this call. Will you join me? 

The call is to come to Phoenix the weekend of October 21-23. We will mobilize, we will knock doors, we will connect with grassroots activists, and we will break bread together. Sign up here to join us for the National Mobilization in Phoenix and get more details - or for more information.

We all know that this election season has raised anti-immigrant and xenophobic vitriol and action to a new level. This must be countered. Many of us are at home watching this election season play out, feeling numb and helpless. What can we do? There are no easy answers. But, campaigns have a way of reminding us what side we are on, and who is by our side in our struggle. They clarify, and they help us take action when words alone are failing us. If you can be with us Oct 21-23, I hope you will. 

In faith,

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

Lead Minister, UU Congregation of Phoenix