A World Where All of Us Thrive

I brought a lot of people in my heart with me when I and more than 70 people of faith went to #FloodtheDesert to put water out where people who are migrating need it and in solidarity with No More Deaths humanitarian aid workers facing criminal charges. I brought my father’s family who crossed the Mekong and then the Pacific Ocean as part of their migration journey. I brought the names of so many fighting deportation, keeping hope alive in detention, of Black, Muslim, indigenous, and undocumented organizers who are facing down charges and trials and prison time because the state is targeting them for their justice work. 

Organizers are calling for all current charges against humanitarian-aid workers to be dropped and for land managers in the west desert to ensure that civil humanitarian response is allowed on public land without fear of harassment or prosecution. Please sign on to the call to #dropthecharges and assert that people arriving at our border deserve to be met with #waternotwalls.

Photo by Ash Ponders

Photo by Ash Ponders

We know this weekend many of you will be honoring the anniversary of the resistance and violence in Charlottesville and gathering in Washington D.C. and Charlottesville as white supremacists again try to spread their hate. Our prayer this Friday is to hold fast to the vision of the loving world we know is possible and to struggle each day to lessen the harm and violence of the world we live in. For a world where no one ever has to put water in the desert because migration does not mean risking our lives. For a world where migration is a choice because everywhere is a safe and resourced place to make a life. For a world where we never have to shut down a Unite the Right rally because inherent worth and dignity do not mean that white supremacists deserve a platform for their violence. For every healer and organizer and humanitarian-aid worker and protestor on side of love until there is a world where all of us thrive.

In faith,


Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen

Senior Strategist, Side with Love