Fortification Episode 10: Malachi Garza

Happy New Year. We hope you and yours are taking care in these times. As we connect, build and grow with old comrades and as we create new formations to move our work forward, may we be emboldened by our collective political mandates - informed by relationships, strategy and transformation. We're excited to bring you our tenth episode of Fortification - our final episode in this series of podcasts - a conversation about love, leadership and the spiritual challenges of our times.

Malachi Larrabee-Garza currently serves as Director of the Community Justice Network for Youth at the W. Haywood Burns Institute. Before joining the Burns Institute Malachi spent 5 years at the School of Unity and Liberation (S.O.U.L.) as the Advanced Political Education Director. Malachi co-founded the Brown Boi Project in 2006. Additional Board appointments include National Strategist on the Board of Directors of Southerners On New Ground and board member of S.O.U.L. Malachi sits on the Advisory Committee of New Orleans, L.A. based BreakOUT! and is a 2008 KopKind Fellow. Malachi brings over 15 years of community organizing and popular education experience to their work and is honored to help build a movement strong enough to Stop the Rail to Jail.

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The Standing on the Side of Love Podcast Team

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