Mamahood is not one size fits all

Years ago, in response to Mother’s Day, Strong Families launched something called Mama’s Day- an opportunity to honor all those who mother, especially those most impacted by systemic injustice or who are weighed down by stigma in our culture. On Mamas Day we celebrate Trans and Gender Non-Conforming mamas, immigrant mamas, single mamas, lesbian and queer mamas, young mamas, poor mamas, and others. All mamas deserve to be seen and honored in cards that reflect all the ways our families look. This year, Strong Families is collaborating with love with & CultureStrike to send beautiful notes to fortify the spirits of mamas who are in immigrant detention centers on Mother’s Day. 

Send a message of hope to mamas in detention this Mamas Day.

In a world where we had achieved racial justice, reproductive justice, fair immigration policies, and an end to mass incarceration, no mama would spend Mamas Day--or any other day--in an immigrant detention center or prison. Immigration detention centers and incarceration tear families apart and prevent us from raising children in safe and healthy environments clearly making this a reproductive justice issue.

Since it takes a lot of time to navigate through the detention centers’ rules, please complete your card ASAP so it can be delivered to the mamas. Cards will be delivered to detention centers in Washington and Pennsylvania. Our goal is to send as much love as possible to fortify the spirits of these mamas.

Your cards will also send a message to our government: This is not the way our country should be treating mamas and families who have come here in search of refuge and a better life. Help send that message now.

Send a card to mamas in detention today.

With love & faith,

Nora Rasman
Campaign Coordinator, Standing on the Side of Love