Fortification Episode 7: Alfredo Gutierrez

We are entering a whole different time politically. We need stories from our elders now. We are grateful to be able to offer this next episode of Fortification with one of those people, an elder who has supported and helped build resistance in Arizona. We hope some of the reflections and lessons will fortify you.

In our seventh episode of Fortification, Caitlin is joined by Alfredo Gutierrez, former Arizona State Senate majority and minority leader. Mr. Gutierrez served for 14 years in the legislature and is an outspoken advocate for immigration reform and public schools. His first book, To Sin Against Hope: How America Has Failed Its Immigrants; a Personal History was published in 2013.

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With love and solidarity,

The Fortification Podcast Team

Caitlin Breedlove, Abhimanyu Janamanchi and Nora Rasman