Hi again from Kansas City! Today we witnessed our faith’s ability to vision a freer future as our General Assembly heard a proposed Action of Immediate Witness on ending family separation and abolishing ICE.

“...Unitarian Universalists are called urgently to prophetic witness and concrete action that would stop the incarceration and separation of asylum seekers and to call for the abolition of ICE. We are called to do this work in relationship with immigrant-led organizers, and to support and amplify their goals and their voices, through monetary donations and by showing up.” (draft text as of June 23, 2018)

Abolishing ICE is a visionary demand. And we are required to match that vision with our commitment and risk. Mijente is offering that vision and sounding the call to direct action on July 2nd in San Diego to confront and address the immediate crisis of the criminalization of Black and Brown communities. Black liberation organizers, LGBTQ organizers and faith leaders are answering the call. We remember General Assembly 2012 in Phoenix and our long haul commitment to dismantle the systems that harm all of us who migrate. Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen reflects, “I am going to San Diego because my citizenship and father’s access to a refugee visa are privileges to leverage and wield for the dignity of our communities and the freedom of our future.” We called to respond today with the skills, power, courage and urgency of our commitment. 

Join us Monday, July 2nd. RSVP here

Can’t make it to San Diego in person? 

  • Donate to support Mijente’s #FreeOurFuture work and make sure that frontline young people, immigrants (many undocumented), Indigenous folks and other working class folks who otherwise would not be able to attend, are there!
  • Learn more about ICE and how they are harming our communities.
  • Follow, amplify and share widely information about Mijente’s #AbolishICE #ShutDownSessions #FreeOurFuture campaign.

Can you support with housing, transportation or other resources in San Diego or sponsoring a fellow UU? 

If you are able to join in San Diego or want more information, join a call on Sunday June 24, 2018 at 2pm ET/11am PT with leaders of the campaign to #FreeOurFuture. Check out more here.

To building more together,


Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, Senior Strategist, Side with Love

Nora Rasman, Campaign Manager, Side with Love