Help us #ReviveLove

You may have heard about our #ReviveLove tour that we are working on in collaboration with the Black Lives of UU and Rev. Sekou & The Holy Ghost to kick-off in just a couple of weeks!

We’re so thrilled to share the good news with you that Borealis foundation has committed to $10,000 to help us get started! We are so grateful for these funds. But we know we will need more!

Pledge $50 now to help Revive Love!

This fall we will be going to Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta and New Orleans. We hope to go to more cities in the Spring -- getting to all of these places depends on your support!!!

We launched the Faithify campaign to build off growing support for the #ReviveLove Tour in August. As of today 21 people have pledged $1,360 toward our goal of $10,000. Faithify funding is all or nothing - if we don’t make our goal by September 23, we get zero dollars! We know we can meet our goal, but only with your help!

We need to raise $8,640 by September 23. We have 17 days left.

Please make your pledge of $50 or an amount that makes sense for you today!

You might be asking yourself Why is this tour important? Why would you help support something that isn’t coming to the city you live in?

My answer to this is that our collective fate is not determined by us alone, or people we see as like us, who live near us. As I write this piece, an unprecedented gathering of native protectors are fighting not just for ‘their water’ but for all of our water, for all of our Mother Earth, awakening thousands of us to the next chapter of the fight for Earth and people over profit and greed. They are doing work that white people are not doing en masse. But our larger destiny is connected to their success. They are doing work that I do not have the history, the positioning, the courage, or the ancestral mandate to launch. I believe the same is true for the Movement for Black Lives. But that does not mean I get to sit back and watch.

‘Getting in where we fit in’ and doing what is being asked of us in this movement moment is an act of love and a strike against ego. The morale of our organizers is precious. Help us show up for them and join the fight for their morale by supporting and following the Revive Love Tour this fall in Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, St. Louis, and New Orleans. #ReviveLoveTour

Join us by making your donation of $50 to Revive Love today.

With love and solidarity,

Caitlin Breedlove

Campaign Director, Standing on the Side of Love