A Year End Review & Visioning for times ahead

As we enter 2018, we are looking back and casting visions forward. We are charting the work of Standing on the Side of Love in 2017 and scanning ahead for what is coming. We invite you to join in celebrating, reflecting, and making ready. We’ve gotten into graphs as a way to visualize our work and are inviting you into the fun! Check out those and some moments from our work from 2017 in our year-end-review here.

adrienne maree brown, in the book Emergent Strategy, which we have taken much wisdom and guidance from this year writes, “the role of organizers in an ecosystem is to be earthworms, processing and aerating soil, making fertile ground out of the nutrients of sunlight, water, and everything that dies, to nurture the next cycle of life. all that has come before is in the soil which now yields the movement to counter wall street and the systems of capitalism and create a new economy of relationships, a new society of care and respect. in that paradigm there is no failure. everything we attempt, everything we DO, is either growing up as its roots go deeper, or it’s decomposing, leaving its lessons in the soil for the next attempt.” 

May your roots grow deep or decompose whichever is needed, always leaving those lessons in the soil, the ground more fertile for whatever comes. 

Last year was a time of great loss and powerful creation. Old relationships were tested - some grew and some ended. New relationships were created and transformed the work of our communities and our faith. We hope that your year is off to a good start and look forward to building with you in the times ahead.

We've created a playlist with some of our favorite songs - both soothing and energizing - for 2018. Hope you enjoy these tunes as you reflect, map and plan for the year!

With love and solidarity,


Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, Senior Advisor, Standing on the Side of Love
Nora Rasman, Campaign Manager, Standing on the Side of Love